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Mazda Bluetooth® Hands-Free Customer Service

If you have any problems with Bluetooth®, contact our toll-free customer service center.


Phone: 800-430-0153 (Toll-free)



Phone: 800-430-0153 (Toll-free)



Center of Attention to Client (CAC)

Phone: 01-800-01-MAZDA (Toll-free)


Bluetooth® Device pairing, connection problems

Mazda CX-3. Troubleshooting

Mazda CX-3. Troubleshooting

*1 Setting which detects the existence of a device external to the Bluetooth® unit.


  • When the OS of the device is updated, the pairing information may be deleted. If this happens, reprogram the pairing information to the Bluetooth® unit.
  • If you pair your phone which has already been paired to your vehicle more than once in the past, you need to delete “Mazda” on your mobile device. Then, execute the Bluetooth® search on your mobile device once again, and pair to a newly detected “Mazda”.
  • Before you pair your device, make sure that Bluetooth® is “ON”, both on your phone and on the vehicle.
  • If Bluetooth®-enabled devices are used in the following locations or conditions, connection via Bluetooth® may not be possible.
    • The device is in a location hidden from the unit such as behind or under a seat, or inside the glove compartment.
    • The device contacts or is covered by a metal object or body.
    • The device is set to power-saving mode.
  • Different Bluetooth®-enabled devices can be used for Bluetooth® Hands-Free and Bluetooth® audio. For example, device A can be connected as a Bluetooth® Hands-Free device and device B can be connected as a Bluetooth® audio device. However, the following may occur when they are used at the same time.
    • The Bluetooth® connection of the device is disconnected.
    • Noise occurs in the Hands-Free audio.
    • Hands-Free operates slowly.

Voice recognition related problems

Mazda CX-3. Troubleshooting

Mazda CX-3. Troubleshooting

Regarding problems with calls

Mazda CX-3. Troubleshooting

Other problems

Mazda CX-3. Troubleshooting

Mazda CX-3. Troubleshooting

    Voice recognition re-learning

    If voice recognition learning has already been done. Press the pick-up button or talk button with a short press. Say: [Beep] “Voice training” Prompt: “Enrollment is enabled/ disabled...

    Audio Set [Type B (touchscreen)]


    Other information:

    Mazda CX-3 (2015-2023) Owner's Manual: Receiving an Incoming Call

    When an incoming call is received, the incoming call notification screen is displayed. The “Incoming Call Notifications” setting must be on. Refer to Communication Settings. To accept the call, press the pick-up button on the audio control switch or select on the screen...

    Mazda CX-3 (2015-2023) Owner's Manual: Distance Recognition Support System (DRSS) (Some models)

    The DRSS measures the distance between your vehicle and a vehicle ahead using a radar sensor (front) while the vehicle speed is about 30 km/h (19 mph) or faster, and if your vehicle approaches a vehicle ahead more closely than what is appropriate for maintaining distance between the vehicles according to the vehicle speed, a notification in the active driving display is indicated to advise you to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead...


    Opening and Closing the Liftgate

    Opening the liftgate with Electric liftgate opener

    Unlock the doors and liftgate, then press the electric liftgate opener on the liftgate and raise the liftgate when the latch releases.

    Mazda CX-3. Opening and Closing the Liftgate

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