Mazda CX-3 (2015-2024) Owner's Manual

      L Pictorial Index
           L Interior Equipment (View A)
           L Interior Equipment (View B)
           L Interior Equipment (View C)
           L Interior Equipment (View D)
           L Exterior Overview
      L Essential Safety Equipment
           L Seats
                L Seat Precautions
                L Front Seat
                     L Adjusting the Driver's Seat
                     L Driving Position Memory (Some models)
                     L Adjusting the Front Passenger's Seat
                L Rear Seat
                     L Split Folding the Seatbacks
                     L Armrest  (Some models)
                L Head Restraints
                     L Height Adjustment
                     L Removal/Installation
           L Seat Warmer/Heated Steering Wheel
                L Seat Warmer (Some models)
                L Heated Steering Wheel (Some models)
           L Seat Belt Systems
                L Seat Belt Precautions
                     L Pregnant Women and Persons with Serious Medical Conditions
                     L Emergency Locking Mode and Automatic Locking Mode
                L Seat Belt
                     L Fastening the Seat Belt
                     L Unfastening the Seat Belt and Front Shoulder Belt Adjuster
                L Seat Belt Warning Systems
                L Front Seat Belt Pretensioner and Load Limiting Systems
                L Seat Belt Extender
           L Child Restraint
                L Child-Restraint Precautions
                L Child-Restraint System Installation
                     L Categories of Child-Restraint Systems
                     L Child-Restraint System Types
                L Child-Restraint System Suitability for Various Seat Positions Table
                L Installing Child-Restraint Systems
                     L Anchor Bracket
                     L Using Automatic Locking Mode (Except Mexico)
                     L If You Must Use the Front Seat for Children
                     L Using ISOFIX Lower Anchor (Mexico)/Using LATCH Lower Anchor (Except Mexico)
           L SRS Air Bags
                L Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Precautions
                L Supplemental Restraint System Components
                L How the SRS Air Bags Work
                L SRS Air Bag Deployment Criteria
                L Limitations to SRS Air Bag
                L Front Passenger Occupant Classification System (Some models)
                L Constant Monitoring.
      L Before Driving
           L Keys
                L KEYS
                L Keyless Entry System
                     L Transmitter
                     L Operational Range and Key Suspend Function
           L Advanced Keyless Entry System (Some models)
                L Advanced Keyless Entry System
                L Operational Range
           L Doors and Locks
                L Door Locks
                     L Locking, Unlocking with Auxiliary Key
                     L Locking, Unlocking with Request Switch (With the advanced keyless function)
                     L Locking, Unlocking with Transmitter and Door-Lock Switch
                     L Auto Lock/Unlock Function
                     L Locking, Unlocking with Door-Lock Knob
                     L Rear Door Child Safety Locks
                L Liftgate
                     L Opening and Closing the Liftgate
                     L Luggage Compartment
           L Fuel and Emission
                L Fuel and Engine Exhaust Precautions
                     L Fuel Requirements
                     L Emission Control System
                     L Engine Exhaust (Carbon monoxide)
                L Fuel-Filler Lid and Cap
           L Mirrors
                L Outside Mirrors
                L Rearview Mirror
           L Windows
                L Power Windows
                     L Opening/Closing Windows
                     L Auto-opening/Closing
                     L Jam-safe Window
                L Moonroof (Some models)
                     L Tilt/Slide Operation
                     L Sunshade
           L Security System
                L Immobilizer System
                L Theft-Deterrent System (Some models)
                     L Operation
                     L How to Arm the System
                     L To Turn Off an Armed System
                     L To Stop the Alarm
           L Driving Tips
                L Break-In Period
                L Saving Fuel and Protection of the Environment
                L Hazardous Driving
                L Floor Mat
                L Rocking the Vehicle
                L Winter Driving
                     L Snow Tires
                     L Tire Chains
                L Driving In Flooded Area
                L Overloading
                L Driving on Uneven Road
           L Towing
      L When Driving
           L Start/Stop Engine
                L Ignition Switch
                L Starting the Engine
                     L Engine Start Function When Key Battery is Dead
                     L Emergency Operation for Starting the Engine
                L Turning the Engine Off
           L Instrument Cluster and Display
                L Meters and Gauges
                     L Speedometer
                     L Odometer, Trip Meter and Trip Meter Selector (Some models)
                     L Odometer, Trip Meter, Trip Computer and Trip Meter Selector (Some models)
                     L Tachometer (Some models)
                     L Fuel Gauge
                     L Dashboard Illumination
                     L Outside Temperature Display
                     L Cruise Control Set Vehicle Speed Display (Some models)
                     L Trip Computer and INFO Switch (Some models)
                L Active Driving Display (Some models)
                L Warning/Indicator Lights
                     L Warning Lights
                     L Indicator Lights
                     L Wrench Indicator Light
                     L Low Engine Coolant Temperature Indicator Light (Blue)
           L Manual Transaxle Operation
                L Gear Shift Indicator (GSI)
                L Recommendations for Shifting
           L Automatic Transaxle
                L Automatic Transaxle Controls
                L Shift-Lock System
                L Transaxle Ranges
                     L Shift Position Indication
                     L Active Adaptive Shift (AAS)
                L Manual Shift Mode
                     L Indicators
                     L Manually Shifting Up
                     L Manually Shifting Down
                     L Second Gear Fixed Mode
                     L Shift Gear (Shifting) Speed Limit
                     L Recommendations for Shifting
                L Direct Mode (Some models)
                L Driving Tips
           L Switches and Controls
                L Lighting Control
                     L Headlights
                     L Headlight High-Low Beam
                     L Flashing the Headlights
                     L Coming Home Light
                     L Leaving Home Light
                     L Daytime Running Lights
                L Fog Lights (Some models)
                L Turn and Lane-Change Signals
                L Windshield Wipers and Washer
                     L Windshield Wipers
                     L Windshield Washer
                L Rear Window Wiper and Washer
                L Rear Window Defogger
                L Horn and Hazard Warning Flasher
           L Brake
                L Brake System
                     L Foot Brake
                     L Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
                     L Warning Light and Brake Pad Wear Indicator
                     L Brake Assist
                L AUTOHOLD
                     L AUTOHOLD System is Turned On
                     L AUTOHOLD System is Turned Off
                L Hill Launch Assist (HLA)
           L ABS/TCS/DSC
                L Antilock Brake System (ABS)
                L Traction Control System (TCS)
                     L TCS/DSC Indicator Light
                     L TCS OFF Indicator Light
                     L TCS OFF Switch
                L Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
           L Fuel Economy Monitor (Some models)
                L Fuel Consumption Display
                L Fuel Economy Data Reset and Trip Meter (TRIP A) Synchronization (Linking)
           L Drive Selection
           L i-ACTIV AWD
           L Power Steering
           L i-ACTIVSENSE
                L i-ACTIVSENSE (Some models)
                L Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)(Some models)
                L High Beam Control System (HBC)(Some models)
                L Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)(Some models)
                L Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)(Some models)
                L Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSR)(Some models)
                L Distance Recognition Support System (DRSS) (Some models)
                L Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)(Some models)
                L Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go function (MRCC with Stop & Go function) (Some models)
                     L Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go function (MRCC with Stop & Go function) Display Indication
                     L Close Proximity Warning
                     L Setting the System
                     L Stop Hold Control
                     L Cruise Control Function
                L Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS)(Some models)
                     L Collision Warning
                     L Automatic Brake Operation Display
                     L Stopping the Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS) System Operation
                L Smart City Brake Support (SCBS)(Some models)
                L Smart Brake Support (SBS)(Some models)
                L Forward Sensing Camera (FSC)(Some models)
                L Radar Sensor (Front)(Some models)
                L Radar Sensors (Rear) (Some models)
           L Cruise Control (Some models)
                L Cruise Control Switch
                L Cruise main indication (white), Cruise Set Indication (White)/Indicator Light (Green)
                L Activation/Deactivation
                L To Set Speed
                L To Increase Cruising Speed
                L To Decrease Cruising Speed and Resume Cruising Speed at More Than 25 km/h (16 mph)
                L To Temporarily Cancel
                L To Deactivate
           L Tire Pressure Monitoring System
                L System Error Activation
                L Tires and Wheels
           L Rear View Monitor (Some models)
                L Displayable Range on the Screen
                L Viewing the Display
                L Rear View Monitor Operation
                L Variance Between Actual Road Conditions and Displayed Image
                L Picture Quality Adjustment
      L Interior Features
           L Climate Control System
                L Operating Tips
                L Vent Operation
                     L Adjusting the Vents
                     L Selecting the Airflow Mode
                L Manual Type
                     L Control Switches
                     L Heating
                     L Cooling
                     L Ventilation
                     L Windshield Defrosting and Defogging
                     L Dehumidifying
                L Fully Automatic Type
                     L Control Switches
                     L Operation of Automatic Air Conditioner
                     L Windshield Defrosting and Defogging
                     L Sunlight/Temperature Sensor
           L Before Using the Audio System
                L Audio Control Switch
                L AUX/USB mode
                L Antenna
           L Audio Set [Type A (non-touchscreen)]
                L Power/Volume/Sound Controls
                L Clock
                L Operating the Radio
                L How to use AUX mode
                L How to use USB mode
                L How to use iPod mode
                L Error Indications
                L Bluetooth®
                     L Introduction
                     L Component Parts
                L Bluetooth® Preparation
                     L Bluetooth® Hands-Free Preparation
                     L Device pairing (Bluetooth® Hands-Free)
                     L Device selection (Bluetooth® Hands-Free)
                     L Deleting a device (Bluetooth® Hands-Free)
                     L Registered device editing (Bluetooth® Hands-Free)
                     L Bluetooth® Audio Preparation
                     L Bluetooth® audio device pairing (Bluetooth® Audio)
                     L Device selection (Bluetooth® Audio)
                     L Deleting a device (Bluetooth® Audio)
                     L Bluetooth® audio device information display
                L Available Language
                L Security Setting
                L Bluetooth® Audio
                     L Switching to Bluetooth® audio mode
                     L Playback
                     L Switching the display (only AVRCP Ver. 1.3)
                     L Bluetooth® audio device information display
                L Bluetooth® Hands-Free
                     L Making a Call
                     L Receiving an Incoming Call
                     L Hanging Up a Call and Mute
                     L Transferring a Call from Hands-Free to a Device (Mobile Phone)
                     L Transferring a Call from a Device (Mobile Phone) to Hands-Free
                     L Call interrupt
                     L DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency Signal) Transmission
                L Voice Recognition
                L Voice Recognition Learning Function (Speaker Enrollment)
                     L When voice recognition learning is done for the first time
                     L Voice recognition re-learning
                L Troubleshooting
           L Audio Set [Type B (touchscreen)]
                L Basic Operation Method
                     L Commander switch operation
                     L Touch panel operation
                L Home screen
                L Volume/Display/Sound Controls
                L Operating the Radio
                     L Radio ON
                     L Favorites Radio
                     L Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS)(Some models)
                     L HD Radio (Some models)
                L Operating the Satellite Radio (Some models)
                     L What is satellite radio?
                     L Displaying the Radio ID and SiriusXM operation
                     L Parental lock
                     L How to use SiriusXM Travel Link®
                L How to use AUX mode
                L How to use USB mode
                     L Playback
                     L Gracenote® Database
                L How to use Apple CarPlay™ (Some models)
                     L What is Apple CarPlay™?
                     L Switching to Apple CarPlay™
                L How to use Android Auto™  mode (Some models)
                     L What is Android Auto™?
                     L How to use the Android Auto™ mode
                L Bluetooth®
                     L Introduction
                     L Component Parts
                L Bluetooth® Preparation
                     L Device pairing
                     L Device selection
                     L Deleting a device
                     L Changing PIN code
                L Available Language
                L Bluetooth® Audio
                     L Switching to Bluetooth® audio mode
                     L Playback
                     L Bluetooth® Audio Device Information Display
                L How to Use Pandora® (Some models)
                     L What is Pandora®?
                     L Playback
                     L Selection from station list
                     L Bookmarking
                L How to Use Aha™
                     L What is Aha™?
                     L Playback
                L How to Use Stitcher™ Radio
                     L What is Stitcher™ Radio?
                     L Playback
                L Bluetooth® Hands-Free
                     L Making a Call
                     L Receiving an Incoming Call
                     L Call Interrupt
                     L Receiving and Replying to Messages (available only with E-mail/SMS compatible phones)
                     L Communication Settings
                L Voice Recognition
                     L Basic Operation Method
                     L Voice Command List
                L Settings
                L Applications
                L Troubleshooting
           L Appendix
                L Radio Reception
                L Operating Tips for MP3
                L Operating Tips for WMA
                L Operating Tips for AAC
                L Operating Tips for OGG
                L Operating Tips for USB device
                L Operating Tips for iPod
                L Agreements and disclaimers related to Apple CarPlay™
                L Operating Tips for Android™
           L Interior Equipment
                L Sunvisors
                L Interior Lights
                L Accessory Socket
                L Cup Holder
                L Bottle Holder
                L Storage Compartments
                     L Overhead Console (Some models)
                     L Glove Compartment
                     L Center Console
                     L Cargo Securing Loops
                     L Luggage Board (Some models)
                     L Rear Coat Hooks
      L Maintenance and Care
           L Essential Information
           L Scheduled Maintenance
                L Scheduled Maintenance (U.S.A., Canada, and Puerto Rico)
                     L Schedule 1
                     L Schedule 2
                L Scheduled Maintenance (Mexico)
                     L Schedule 1
                     L Schedule 2
                L Maintenance Monitor
                     L Maintenance Monitor (Type A audio)
                     L Maintenance Monitor (Type B audio)
           L Owner Maintenance
                L Owner Maintenance Precautions
                L Hood
                     L Opening the Hood
                     L Closing the Hood
                L Engine Compartment Overview
                L Engine Oil
                     L Recommended Oil
                     L Vehicle Engine Control Unit Reset Procedure
                     L Inspecting Engine Oil Level
                L Engine Coolant
                L Brake/Clutch Fluid
                L Window Washer Fluid
                L Body Lubrication
                L Wiper Blades
                     L Replacing Windshield Wiper Blades
                     L Replacing Rear Window Wiper Blade
                L Battery
                L Key Battery Replacement
                L Tires
                     L Tire Inflation Pressure
                     L Tire Rotation
                     L Replacing a Tire
                     L Temporary Spare Tire
                     L Replacing a Wheel
                L Light Bulbs
                     L Replacing Exterior Light Bulbs
                     L Replacing Interior Light Bulbs
                L Fuses
                     L Fuse Replacement
                     L Fuse Panel Description
           L Appearance Care
                L Exterior Care
                     L Maintaining the Finish
                     L Repairing Damage to the Finish
                     L Bright-Metal Maintenance
                     L Underbody Maintenance
                     L Aluminum Wheel Maintenance (Some models)
                     L Plastic Part Maintenance
                L Interior Care
                     L Seat Belt Maintenance
                     L Upholstery and Synthetic Leather Maintenance
                     L Leather Upholstery Maintenance (Some models)
                     L Plastic Part and Instrument Panel Top Maintenance
                     L Active Driving Display Maintenance (Some models)
                     L Cleaning the Window Interiors
                     L Cleaning the Floor Mats
      L If Trouble Arises
           L Parking in an Emergency
           L Spare Tire and Tool Storage
                L Jack
                L Spare Tire
                L Changing a Flat Tire
                     L Removing a Flat Tire
                     L Locking Lug Nuts
                     L Mounting the Spare Tire
           L Battery Runs Out
           L Emergency Starting
                L Starting a Flooded Engine
                L Push-Starting
                L Overheating
           L Emergency Towing
                L Towing Description
                L Tiedown Hooks (Some models)
           L Warning/Indicator Lights and Warning Sounds
                L If a Warning Light Turns On or Flashes
                     L Stop Vehicle in Safe Place Immediately
                     L Contact Authorized Mazda Dealer and Have Vehicle Inspected
                     L Taking Action
                L Message Indicated on Display (Some models)
                L Warning Sound is Activated
           L When Liftgate Cannot be Opened
           L Active Driving Display Does Not Operate
      L Customer Information and Reporting Safety Defects
           L Customer Assistance
                L Customer Assistance (U.S.A.)
                L Customer Assistance (Canada)
                L Customer Assistance (Puerto Rico)
                L Customer Assistance (Mexico)
           L Mazda Importer/Distributors
           L Reporting Safety Defects
                L Reporting Safety Defects (U.S.A.)
                L Reporting Safety Defects (Canada)
           L Warranty
                L Warranties for Your Mazda
                L Outside the United States/Canada
                L Registering Your Vehicle in A Foreign Country (Except United States and Canada)
                L Add-On Non-Genuine Parts and Accessories
           L Cell Phones
           L Event Data Recorder
           L Recording of Vehicle Data
           L Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)
           L Tire Information (U.S.A.)
                L Tire Labeling
                L Location of the Tire Label (Placard)
                L Tire Maintenance
                L Vehicle Loading
                L Steps for Determining the Correct Load Limit
           L Declaration of Conformity
      L Specifications
           L Identification Numbers
           L Specifications
           L Personalization Features

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