Mazda CX-3: Pictorial Index / Interior Equipment (View B)

Mazda CX-3 (2015-2022) Owner's Manual / Pictorial Index / Interior Equipment (View B)

Mazda CX-3. Interior Equipment (View B)

  1. Audio control switches
  2. Instrument cluster.
  3. Dashboard illumination knob
  4. Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go function (MRCC with Stop & Go function) switches
  5. Cruise control switches
  6. Seat warmer switches
  7. Heated steering wheel switch
  8. Hazard warning flasher switch
  9. Push button start
  10. Steering shift switches
  11. Lock release lever
  12. Hood release handle
  13. Remote fuel-filler lid release

    Interior Equipment (View A)


    Interior Equipment (View C)


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    Select the icon on the home screen to display the Entertainment screen. Select or to switch the USB mode. The following icons are displayed in the lower part of the center display. NOTE If a file name in the USB memory is too long, it could cause operation problems such as not being able to playback the song...

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    Anchor Bracket

    Anchor brackets for securing child-restraint systems are equipped in the vehicle. Locate each anchor position using the illustration.

    To install a child-restraint system, remove the head restraint. Always follow the instruction manual accompanying the child-restraint system.

    Anchor bracket location

    Use the indicated anchor bracket locations when installing a child-restraint system equipped with a tether.

    Mazda CX-3. Anchor Bracket

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