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Mazda CX-3 (2015-2023) Owner's Manual / When Driving / Brake / AUTOHOLD

The AUTOHOLD function automatically holds the vehicle stopped, even if you take your foot off the brake pedal. This function can be best used while stopped in traffic or at a traffic light. The brakes are released when you resume driving the vehicle such as by releasing the clutch pedal with the shift lever shifted to a position other than the neutral position (manual transaxle vehicle) or depressing the accelerator pedal (automatic transaxle vehicle).


Do not rely completely on the AUTOHOLD function: The AUTOHOLD function is only designed to assist the brake operation while the vehicle is stopped. Neglecting to operate the brakes and relying only on the AUTOHOLD system is dangerous and could result in an unexpected accident if the vehicle were to suddenly move. Operate the brakes appropriately in accordance with the road and surrounding conditions.

Do not release your foot from the brake pedal while the vehicle is stopped on a steep grade: Because there is a possibility of the vehicle not being held in the stopped position by the AUTOHOLD function, the vehicle may move unexpectedly and result in an accident.

Do not use the AUTOHOLD function on slippery roads such as icy or snow-covered roads, or unpaved roads: Even if the vehicle is held in the stopped position by the AUTOHOLD function, the vehicle may move unexpectedly and result in an accident. Operate the accelerator pedal, brakes, or steering wheel appropriately as necessary.

Immediately depress the brake pedal in the following cases: Because the AUTOHOLD function is canceled forcibly, the vehicle may move unexpectedly and result in an accident.

  • The brake pedal operation demand warning light (red) flashes and the warning sound is activated at the same time.


Always apply the parking brake when parking the vehicle: Not applying the parking brake when parking the vehicle is dangerous as the vehicle may move unexpectedly and result in an accident. When parking the vehicle, shift the selector lever to the P position (automatic transaxle vehicle) and apply the parking brake.


If you stop operating the accelerator pedal before the vehicle starts moving, the force holding the vehicle in the stopped position may weaken. Firmly depress the brake pedal or depress the accelerator pedal to accelerate the vehicle.


  • Under the following conditions, a problem with the AUTOHOLD is occurring. Have your vehicle inspected at an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible.
    • The brake pedal operation demand warning light (red) in the instrument cluster flashes and the warning sound is activated for about 5 seconds while the AUTOHOLD is operating or when you press the AUTOHOLD switch.
  • If you switch the ignition OFF while the AUTOHOLD is operating, the parking brake is applied automatically to assist you with parking the vehicle.
  • The AUTOHOLD is canceled when the selector lever/shift lever is shifted to R position while the vehicle is on level ground, or facing up a hill or grade (as shown below).


Brake Assist

During emergency braking situations when it is necessary to depress the brake pedal with greater force, the brake assist system provides braking assistance, thus enhancing braking performance...

AUTOHOLD System is Turned On

Press the AUTOHOLD switch and when the AUTOHOLD standby indicator light turns on, the AUTOHOLD function turns on. NOTE When all of the following conditions are met, the AUTOHOLD standby indicator light turns on when the AUTOHOLD switch is pressed and the AUTOHOLD function turns on...

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Mazda CX-3. Anchor Bracket

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