Mazda CX-3: Brake / Hill Launch Assist (HLA)

Mazda CX-3 (2015-2022) Owner's Manual / When Driving / Brake / Hill Launch Assist (HLA)

HLA is a function which assists the driver in accelerating from a stop while on a slope. When the driver releases the brake pedal and depresses the accelerator pedal while on a slope, the function prevents the vehicle from rolling. The braking force is maintained automatically after the brake pedal is released on a steep grade.

For vehicles with a manual transaxle, HLA operates on a downward slope when the shift lever is in the reverse (R) position, and on an upward slope when the shift lever is in a position other than the reverse (R) position.

For vehicles with an automatic transaxle, HLA operates on a downward slope when the selector lever is in the reverse (R) position, and on an upward slope when the selector lever is in a forward gear.


Do not rely completely on HLA: HLA is an auxiliary device for accelerating from a stop on a slope. The system only operates for about 2 seconds and therefore, relying only on the system, when accelerating from a stop is dangerous because the vehicle may move (roll) unexpectedly and cause an accident. The vehicle could roll depending on the vehicle's load or if it is towing something. In addition, for vehicles with a manual transaxle, the vehicle could still roll depending on how the clutch pedal or the accelerator pedal is operated. Always confirm the safety around the vehicle before starting to drive the vehicle.


  • HLA does not operate on a gentle slope. In addition, the gradient of the slope on which the system will operate changes depending on the vehicle's load.
  • HLA does not operate if the parking brake is applied, the vehicle has not stopped completely, or the clutch pedal is released.
  • While HLA is operating, the brake pedal may feel stiff and vibrate, however, this does not indicate a malfunction.
  • HLA does not operate while the TCS/DSC indicator light is illuminated. Refer to Contact Authorized Mazda Dealer and Have Vehicle Inspected.
  • HLA does not turn off even if the TCS OFF switch is pressed to turn off the TCS.

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    Do not stack cargo or objects higher than the seatbacks:

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