Mazda CX-3: Theft-Deterrent System (Some models) / How to Arm the System

Mazda CX-3 (2015-2022) Owner's Manual / Before Driving / Security System / Theft-Deterrent System (Some models) / How to Arm the System

  1. Close the windows and the moonroof* securely.
  2. Switch the ignition OFF.
  3. Make sure the hood, the doors, and the liftgate are closed.
  4. Press the lock button on the transmitter or lock the driver's door from the outside with the auxiliary key. The hazard warning lights will flash once.

    The following method will also arm the theft-deterrent system: Press the door-lock switch Mazda CX-3. How to Arm the System while any door is open and then close all of the doors.

    (With the advanced keyless function)

    Press a request switch.

    The security indicator light in the instrument cluster flashes twice per second for 20 seconds.

    Mazda CX-3. How to Arm the System

  5. After 20 seconds, the system is fully armed.
  • NOTE
  • The theft-deterrent system can also be armed by activating the auto relock function with all the doors, the liftgate and the hood closed.
  • Refer to Transmitter.
  • The system will disarm if one of the following operations takes place within 20 seconds after pressing the lock button:
    • Unlocking any door.
    • Opening any door.
    • Opening the hood.
    • Switching the ignition ON.
    • (With the advanced keyless function)
    • Pressing the electric liftgate opener while the key is being carried.

    To rearm the system, do the arming procedure again.

  • When the doors are locked by pressing the lock button on the transmitter or using the auxiliary key while the theft-deterrent system is armed, the hazard warning lights will flash once to indicate that the system is armed.


    System triggering conditions The horn sounds intermittently and the hazard warning lights flash for about 30 seconds when the system is triggered by any one of the following: Unlocking a door with the auxiliary key, door lock switch, or an inside door-lock knob...

    To Turn Off an Armed System

    An armed system can be turned off using any one of the following methods: Pressing the unlock button on the transmitter. Starting the engine with the push button start...

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    Anchor Bracket

    Anchor brackets for securing child-restraint systems are equipped in the vehicle. Locate each anchor position using the illustration.

    To install a child-restraint system, remove the head restraint. Always follow the instruction manual accompanying the child-restraint system.

    Anchor bracket location

    Use the indicated anchor bracket locations when installing a child-restraint system equipped with a tether.

    Mazda CX-3. Anchor Bracket

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