Mazda CX-3: Warning/Indicator Lights and Warning Sounds / If a Warning Light Turns On or Flashes

Mazda CX-3 (2015-2023) Owner's Manual / If Trouble Arises / Warning/Indicator Lights and Warning Sounds / If a Warning Light Turns On or Flashes

If any warning light turns on/flashes, take appropriate action for each light. There is no problem if the light turns off, however if the light does not turn off or turns on/flashes again, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

(Vehicles with type B audio)

The details for some warnings can be viewed on the center display.

  1. If the warning light is turned on, select the Mazda CX-3. If a Warning Light Turns On or Flashes icon on the home screen to display the application screen.
  2. Select “Vehicle Status Monitor”.
  3. Select “Warning Guidance” to display the current warnings.
  4. Select the applicable warning to view the warning details.

Warning/Indicator Lights and Warning Sounds


Stop Vehicle in Safe Place Immediately

If any of the following warning lights turns on, the system may have a malfunction. Stop the vehicle in a safe place immediately and contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer...

Other information:

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Outside Mirrors


Be sure to look over your shoulder before changing lanes:

Changing lanes without taking into account the actual distance of the vehicle in the convex mirror is dangerous. You could have a serious accident. What you see in the convex mirror is closer than it appears.

Mirror type

Flat type (driver's side)

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