Mazda CX-3: Bluetooth® Preparation / Registered device editing (Bluetooth® Hands-Free)

Mazda CX-3 (2015-2023) Owner's Manual / Interior Features / Audio Set [Type A (non-touchscreen)] / Bluetooth® Preparation / Registered device editing (Bluetooth® Hands-Free)


  1. Press the pick-up button or talk button with a short press.
  2. Say: [Beep] “Setup”
  3. Prompt: “Select one of the following: Pairing options, confirmation prompts, language, passcode, select phone or select music player.”
  4. Say: [Beep] “Pairing options”
  5. Prompt: “Select one of the following: Pair, Edit, Delete, List, or Set Pairing Code.”
  6. Say: [Beep] “Edit”
  7. Prompt: “Please say the name of the device you would like to edit. Available devices are XXXXX... (Ex. device A), XXXXX... (Ex. device B), XXXXX... (Ex. device C). Which device please?”
  8. Say: [Beep] “X” (Say the number of the device to be edited.)
  9. Prompt: “New name please?”
  10. Say: [Beep] “XXXXX... (Ex. Device C)” (Speak a “device tag” an arbitrary name for the device.)
  11. Prompt: “XXXXX... (Ex. device C) (Device tag), is this correct?”
  12. Say: [Beep] “Yes”
  13. Prompt: “New name saved.”

    Deleting a device (Bluetooth® Hands-Free)

    Registered devices (Mobile phone) can be deleted individually or collectively. NOTE Do this function only when parked. It is too distracting to attempt while driving and you may make too many errors to be effective...

    Bluetooth® Audio Preparation

    Bluetooth® audio device set-up Bluetooth® audio pairing, changes, deletions, and display of paired device information can be performed. The mode changes as follows each time the menu button is pressed...

    Other information:

    Mazda CX-3 (2015-2023) Owner's Manual: Changing PIN code


    Mazda CX-3 (2015-2023) Owner's Manual: Appendix

    Things You Need to Know WARNING Always adjust the audio while the vehicle is stopped: Do not adjust the audio control switches while driving the vehicle. Adjusting the audio while driving the vehicle is dangerous as it could distract your attention from the vehicle operation which could lead to a serious accident...


    Floor Mat

    We recommend the use of Genuine Mazda floor mats.


    Make sure the floor mats are hooked on the retention pins to prevent them from bunching up under the foot pedals: Using a floor mat that is not secured is dangerous as it will interfere with the accelerator and brake pedal operation, which could result in an accident.

    Do not install two floor mats, one on top of the other, on the driver's side: Installing two floor mats, one on top of the other, on the driver's side is dangerous as the retention pins can only keep one floor mat from sliding forward. Loose floor mat(s) will interfere with the foot pedals and could result in an accident. If using an all-weather mat for winter use always remove the original floor mat.

    Mazda CX-3. Floor Mat

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