Mazda CX-3: Audio Set [Type A (non-touchscreen)] / How to use AUX mode

Mazda CX-3 (2015-2022) Owner's Manual / Interior Features / Audio Set [Type A (non-touchscreen)] / How to use AUX mode

Switch the ignition to ACC or ON.

Press the power/volume dial to turn the audio system on.

Press the media button Mazda CX-3. How to use AUX mode of the audio unit to change to the AUX mode.

Mazda CX-3. How to use AUX mode


  • When the device is not connected to the auxiliary jack, the mode does not switch to the AUX mode.
  • Adjust the audio volume using the portable audio device or audio unit.
  • Audio adjustments other than audio volume can only be done using the portable audio device.
  • If the connection plug is pulled out from the auxiliary jack while in AUX mode, noise may occur.

    Operating the Radio

    Radio ON Press a band selector button to turn the radio on. Band selection Successively pressing the band selector button switches the bands as follows: FM1→FM2→AM...

    How to use USB mode

    This unit does not support a USB 3.0 device. In addition, other devices may not be supported depending on the model or OS version. Playback Switch the ignition to ACC or ON...

    Other information:

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    The hazard warning lights should always be used when you stop on or near a roadway in an emergency. The hazard warning lights warn other drivers that your vehicle is a traffic hazard and that they must take extreme caution when near it. Depress the hazard warning flasher and all the turn signals will flash...

    Mazda CX-3 (2015-2022) Owner's Manual: Parental lock

    If a channel is locked, the channel is muted. To use the parental lock function, the PIN code must be initialized first. By using the session lock, the parental lock can be enabled or disabled during the current drive cycle (from when the ignition is switched on to switched off)...


    Outside Mirrors


    Be sure to look over your shoulder before changing lanes:

    Changing lanes without taking into account the actual distance of the vehicle in the convex mirror is dangerous. You could have a serious accident. What you see in the convex mirror is closer than it appears.

    Mirror type

    Flat type (driver's side)

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