Mazda CX-3: Interior Equipment / Interior Lights

Mazda CX-3 (2015-2023) Owner's Manual / Interior Features / Interior Equipment / Interior Lights


Do not leave the lights on for long periods while the engine is turned off. Otherwise, the battery power could be depleted.

Overhead Lights

Mazda CX-3. Interior Lights


Mazda CX-3. Interior Lights


Mazda CX-3. Interior Lights


The rear overhead light also turn on and off when the front overhead light switch is operated.

Map Lights

When the overhead light switch is in the door or off position, press the lens to illuminate the map lights, and then press the lens again to turn them off.

Mazda CX-3. Interior Lights


The map lights will not turn off even if the lens is pressed in the following cases:

  • The overhead light switch is in the ON position.
  • The overhead light switch is in the door position with the door open.
  • The illuminated entry system is on. Luggage Compartment Lights

Luggage Compartment Lights

Mazda CX-3. Interior Lights

Mazda CX-3. Interior Lights

Illuminated Entry System

The overhead lights turn on when any of the following operations is done with the overhead light switch in the DOOR position.

  • The driver's door is unlocked with the ignition is switched OFF.
  • The ignition is switched OFF with all doors closed.


  • The illumination time differs depending on the operation.
  • Battery saver

    If an interior light is left on with the ignition switched OFF, the light is turned off automatically after about 30 minutes to prevent battery depletion.

  • The operation of the illuminated entry system can be changed.

    Refer to Personalization Features.


    When you need a sunvisor, lower it for use in front or swing it to the side. Side Extension Sunvisors The visor extender extends the sunvisor's range of sun shading...

    Accessory Socket

    Only use genuine Mazda accessories or the equivalent requiring no greater than 120 W (DC 12 V, 10 A). The ignition must be switched to ACC or ON. CAUTION To prevent accessory socket damage or electrical failure, pay attention to the following: Do not use accessories that require more than 120 W (DC 12 V, 10 A)...

    Other information:

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    Locking, Unlocking with Transmitter All doors and the liftgate can be locked/ unlocked by operating the keyless entry system transmitter, refer to Keyless Entry System. Locking, Unlocking with Door-Lock Switch All doors and the liftgate lock automatically when the lock side is pressed...

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    Floor Mat

    We recommend the use of Genuine Mazda floor mats.


    Make sure the floor mats are hooked on the retention pins to prevent them from bunching up under the foot pedals: Using a floor mat that is not secured is dangerous as it will interfere with the accelerator and brake pedal operation, which could result in an accident.

    Do not install two floor mats, one on top of the other, on the driver's side: Installing two floor mats, one on top of the other, on the driver's side is dangerous as the retention pins can only keep one floor mat from sliding forward. Loose floor mat(s) will interfere with the foot pedals and could result in an accident. If using an all-weather mat for winter use always remove the original floor mat.

    Mazda CX-3. Floor Mat

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