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Never use a cup holder to hold hot liquids while the vehicle is moving: Using a cup holder to hold hot liquids while the vehicle is moving is dangerous. If the contents spill, you could be scalded.


There are two cup holders.

Mazda CX-3. Cup Holder

How to use the cup holder


Press the button on the divider. The flap pops up to hold the drink cup in place firmly.


Pull up the armrest and press the button on the divider. The flap pops up to hold the drink cup in place firmly.

Mazda CX-3. Cup Holder



  • If the divider was removed, return it to its original position.
  • Refer to Center Console.
  • The base plate lowers at the same time the flap pops up. Use it to hold small drink cups. When placing tall bottles such as PET drink bottles, retract the flap and the base plate.

To retract the front/rear flaps and rear base plate


To retract the flap, press down the flap.


To retract the base plate, insert a finger into the notch of the base plate and pull it up.

Mazda CX-3. Cup Holder


The rear cup holder is on the rear center armrest.

To use the rear seat cup holders, pull open the lids.

Mazda CX-3. Cup Holder


  • Be careful not to pinch your hand or finger when closing the cover. Otherwise, you could pinch and injure your fingers or hand.
  • When putting a PET bottle or a tall drink cup in the cup holder, make sure it is held securely. Depending on the height and shape of the drink cup or bottle, it may not remain held in the cup holder while you are driving the vehicle.
  • Do not close the lid or store the armrest with small items left in the cup holder. Otherwise, the items could be damaged.


If it is difficult to remove a PET bottle from the cup holder, press the flap with your fingers to make it easier to pull out.

Mazda CX-3. Cup Holder

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