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To use Bluetooth® audio and Hands-Free, the device equipped with Bluetooth® has to be paired to the unit using the following procedure. A maximum of 7 devices including Bluetooth® audio devices and hands-free mobile phones can be paired.


  • The Bluetooth® system may not operate for 1 or 2 minutes after the ignition is switched to ACC or ON. However, this does not indicate a problem. If the Bluetooth® system does not connect automatically after 1 or 2 minutes have elapsed, make sure that the Bluetooth® setting on the device is normal and attempt to reconnect the Bluetooth® device from the vehicle side.
  • If Bluetooth®-enabled devices are used in the following locations or conditions, connection via Bluetooth® may not be possible.
    • The device is in a location hidden from the center display such as behind or under a seat, or inside the glove compartment.
    • The device contacts or is covered by a metal object or body.
    • The device is set to power-saving mode.

Pairing Procedure

  1. Select the Mazda CX-3. Device pairing icon on the home screen to display the Settings screen.
  2. Select the Mazda CX-3. Device pairing tab.
  3. Select Mazda CX-3. Device pairing.
  4. Turn the Bluetooth® setting on.
  5. Select Mazda CX-3. Device pairing to display the message and switch to the device operation.
  6. Using your device, perform a search for the Bluetooth® device (Peripheral device).
  7. Select “Mazda” from the device list searched by the device.
  8. (Device with Bluetooth® version 2.0)

    Input the displayed 4-digit pairing code into the device.

    (Device with Bluetooth® version 2.1 or higher)

    Make sure the displayed 6-digit code on the audio is also displayed on the device, and touch the Mazda CX-3. Device pairing.

    Connection permission and phonebook access permission for your mobile device may be required depending on the mobile device.

  9. If pairing is successful, the functions of the device connected to Bluetooth® are displayed.
  10. (Devices compatible with Mazda E-mail / SMS function) SMS (Short Message Service) messages, and E-mail for the device are downloaded automatically. A download permission operation for your device may be required depending on the device.


When Call history and messages are downloaded automatically, each automatic download setting must be on. Refer to Communication Settings.

After a device is registered, the system automatically identifies the device. By activating Bluetooth® Hands-Free again, or by activating Bluetooth® Hands-Free first after switching the ignition from OFF to ACC, the device connection condition is indicated in the center display.

IMPORTANT note about pairing and automatic reconnection:

  • If pairing is redone on the same mobile phone device, first clear “Mazda” displayed on the Bluetooth® setting screen of the mobile device.
  • When the OS of the device is updated, the pairing information may be deleted. If this happens, reprogram the pairing information to the Bluetooth® unit.
  • Before you pair your device, make sure that Bluetooth® is “ON”, both on your phone and on the vehicle.

    Bluetooth® Preparation


    Device selection

    If several devices have been paired, the Bluetooth® unit links the device last paired. If you would like to link a different paired device, it is necessary to change the link...

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