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Pairing code setting

The 4-digit pairing code setting for registration of your cell phone (pairing) can be set beforehand.


The initial setting value is “0000”.

  1. Press the pick-up button or talk button with a short press.
  2. Say: [Beep] “Setup”
  3. Prompt: “Select one of the following: Pairing options, confirmation prompts, language, passcode, select phone or select music player.”
  4. Say: [Beep] “Pairing options”
  5. Prompt: “Select one of the following: Pair, Edit, Delete, List, or Set Pairing Code.”
  6. Say: [Beep] “Set pairing code”
  7. Prompt: “Your current pairing code is XXXX. Do you want to change it to a different pairing code?”
  8. Say: [Beep] “Yes”
  9. Prompt: “Please say a 4-digit pairing code.”
  10. Say: [Beep] “YYYY”
  11. Prompt: “YYYY is this correct?”
  12. Say: [Beep] “Yes” or “No”
  13. If “Yes”, go to Step 14. If “No”, the procedure returns to Step 9.
  14. Prompt: “Your new pairing code is YYYY. Use this pairing code when pairing devices to the Hands free system. Do you want to pair a device now?”
  15. Say: [Beep] “Yes” or “No”
  16.  If “Yes”, the system switches to the device registration mode. If “No”, the system returns to standby status.

    Bluetooth® Preparation


    Device pairing (Bluetooth® Hands-Free)

    To use Bluetooth® Hands-Free, the device equipped with Bluetooth® has to be paired to the Bluetooth® unit using the following procedure. A maximum of seven devices including hands-free mobile phones and Bluetooth® audio devices can be paired to one vehicle...

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    Rearview Mirror


    Do not stack cargo or objects higher than the seatbacks:

    Cargo stacked higher than the seatbacks is dangerous. It can block your view in the rearview mirror, which might cause you to hit another car when changing lanes.

    Rearview mirror adjustment

    Before driving, adjust the rearview mirror to center on the scene through the rear window.

    Mazda CX-3. Rearview Mirror

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