Mazda CX-3: Keys / Keyless Entry System

Mazda CX-3 (2015-2022) Owner's Manual / Before Driving / Keys / Keyless Entry System

This system uses the key buttons to remotely lock and unlock the doors and the liftgate.

The system can start the engine without having to take the key out of your purse or pocket.

It can also help you signal for attention or help.

Operating the theft-deterrent system is also possible on theft-deterrent system-equipped vehicles.

System malfunctions or warnings are indicated by the following warning lights or beeps.

  • KEY Warning Light (Red) Refer to Contact Authorized Mazda Dealer and Have Vehicle Inspected.

    Refer to Taking Action.

  • Ignition Not Switched Off (STOP) Warning Beep

    Refer to Ignition Not Switched Off (STOP) Warning Beep.

  • Key Removed from Vehicle Warning Beep

    Refer to Key Removed from Vehicle Warning Beep.

If you have a problem with the key, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

If your key is lost or stolen, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible for a replacement and to make the lost or stolen key inoperative.


  • The keyless entry system operation may vary due to local conditions.
  • The keyless entry system is fully operational (door/liftgate lock/unlock) when the ignition is switched off. The system does not operate if the ignition is switched to any position other than off.
  • If the key does not operate when pressing a button or the operational range becomes too small, the battery may be weak. To install a new battery, refer to Key Battery Replacement.
  • Battery life is about 1 year. Replace the battery with a new one if the KEY indicator light (green) flashes in the instrument cluster. Replacing the battery about once a year is recommended because the KEY warning light/ indicator light may not illuminate or flash depending on the rate of battery depletion.

Mazda CX-3. Keyless Entry System

  • Additional keys can be obtained at an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Up to 6 keys can be used with the keyless functions per vehicle. Bring all keys to the Authorized Mazda Dealer when additional keys are required.


WARNING Do not leave the key in your vehicle with children and keep them in a place where your children will not find or play with them: Leaving children in a vehicle with the key is dangerous...


NOTE The headlights turn on/off by operating the transmitter. Refer to Leaving Home Light. (With theft-deterrent system)The hazard warning lights flash when the theft-deterrent system is armed or turned off...

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Opening and Closing the Liftgate

Opening the liftgate with Electric liftgate opener

Unlock the doors and liftgate, then press the electric liftgate opener on the liftgate and raise the liftgate when the latch releases.

Mazda CX-3. Opening and Closing the Liftgate

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